Bed wetting misconceptions


This list of common misconceptions about Bed wetting

It wont work because the child is a deep sleeper  

 Many parents to children suffering from bed wetting complain that their child is a “deep sleeper” and will not wake from the alarm. It is true that children with bed wetting are more difficult to wake at night, however, there are many ways to overcome this obstacle and achieve excellent response using the bed wetting alarm. Bed wetting is not caused by “deep sleep”, in fact wetting can occur across all sleep stages.


IF he/she will go to the toilet before bedtime than bed wetting will be solved  

Although voiding prior to bedtime may bring to a dry night, it does not solve bed wetting and can even bring to a significant frustration if the child forgets or is not reminded to void.


The child has bed wetting because he has ADHD  

Children with ADHD are more prone to suffer from bedwetting (as with any other sleep, anxiety, behavior and other problems), however, they can be treated with the same effect using a bed wetting alarm


The child has bed wetting because he has an anxiety disorder  

There are no studies showing that children with anxiety disorders have higher rates of bed wetting. Children who suffer from anxiety disorders can be treated with the same effectiveness using a bed wetting alarm.


All the house wakes up from the alarm but not the child  


He will grow out of it  

 As years go by, many children stop wetting at night. However, it is not possible to assess in which age a specific child will be “Dry”. Because of the psychological and physical burden to the child and family, it is recommended to treat bed wetting as soon as possible.


We tried alarm treatment and it did not work 

 There are several factors that can be linked to success or failure in treatment, such as the kind of treatment, kind of alarm, adherence to the procedure, the problem itself, medication use etc. Thus failure in one treatment with an alarm does not mean that this kind of treatment is not suitable for you.


We can buy it for several dollars  

There are many kinds of bed wetting alarm. It is true that some of them are very cheap, however before buying the alarm it is recommended to buy a reliable and safe alarm that can last for months. In addition, it is important to note that the chances to succeed in resolving bed wetting with an alarm without professional support reduces significantly.

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The child should take responsibility for his/her bedwetting and then he will be cured  

This is wrong! Making the child “pay” for his bedwetting, does not help but can also cause more stress and reduce self-esteem.


IF we take the child to the toilet when he sleeps we can avoid the wetting episode  

Although voiding at night can bring to dryness, it does not solve bed wetting and can resolve in fragmented sleep, which in turn can negatively impact other behavioral  and emotional domains


If we restrict the child from fluid we can solve bed wetting 

Although restricting the child from the fluid can bring to a dry night, it does not solve bed wetting. The aim of treatment is that the child can drink as much as he/she wants and still be dry at night.


For sure he has some psychological problem take causes bed wetting  

Most children with bed wetting are regular children with no psychological issues. Although they can be stressed by the bed wetting. This statement does not serve them well.