Bedwetting solutions

Treatment using the electronic enuresis alarm is the most effective when given within the framework of proper guidance and appropriate professional follow-up and support.
Research findings on the subject indicate that it is possible to start treatment as early as age 4, thus preventing unnecessary suffering in the years to come.

The method of the bedwetting treatment

Our method is applicable for children as young as four years of age. The method uses a state of the art electronic alarm which is attached to the patients clothing while sleeping. This alarm is activated by the first drop of leaking urine. It awakens the child so that he can stop the flow of urine. With consistent use of the device, the cycle of beginning to urinate and then ceasing immediately strengthens the reflex system, gradually bringing the patient to automatic bladder control and complete dryness.
For more information, showing how the Cleveland Enuresis Institute treats this child incontinence problem, Bed-wetting, watch the educational film.
Duration of treatment usually lasts between 3 and 5 months.

Throughout the treatment period the family and the child receive constant assistance, support and counseling. Every morning they complete a progress chart (our special Interactive Online Progress Chart) in which they indicate what happened during the previous night. Approximately every two weeks (or as needed) they show the chart (online via the site or by fax) to our staff. They receive our comments and instructions as to how to proceed and how to overcome any possible hurdles. The use of the alarm can be stopped when the child achieves 21 consecutive dry nights. If he continues to be dry for another six weeks it is then regarded as complete dryness.
It is commonly accepted by professionals around the world that the Bed-Wetting Alarm approach is most effective when given under adequate support and supervision. This is exactly the service that we provide.

Families who use our program can hardly fail if they only follow the instructions and use the support facilities offered to them