About our international bedwetting team


Dr. Baruch Kushnir- international bedwetting expert

Dr. Baruch Kushnir is an international expert on bedwetting. He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in Medical Psychology awarded in the U.K. While studying in the U.K., Dr. Kushnir specialized in treating sphincter control problems in children. Since 1982, he has researched and treated kids with issues of bedwetting, toilet phobia, constipation, soiling, and potty-training.

In 2008 he produced his animated movie “The Magic Bowl” that’s helped thousands of children to move ahead from diapers.


The Team of certified Bedwetting Experts 

Members of our bedwetting team are psychologists with a doctorate or graduate degree in psychology. All are specially trained in the field of bedwetting and sphincter control problems, and work closely with Dr. Baruch Kushnir who trains and supports them.

We have a team of certified Bedwetting Experts available via phone, chat or email. If you have a question, just contact your personal therapist and the professional team.

When you purchase one of our bedwetting alarms or incontinence products, you get access to our special custom process support specialist.  Our bedwetting support team has received praise from parents and users constantly for exemplary support. We listen to your problems and help guide you from setup to advanced techniques with our best bedwetting alarm throughout the incontinence treatment.

Leading bedwetting expert Naama Rot

Bedwetting expert Einat Yakir

Bedwetting expert Jonatan Kushnir

 Bedwetting expert Shiran lifshin

Bedwetting expert Shiran lifshin

Bedwetting expert Avia Monchik









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